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We strongly believe that Advocacy Marketing will lead the new communication trends when PERSONAL MEDIA becomes the most influential one.

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About YouNet AM

The pioneer in

Advocacy Marketing

From change adaptation to trend manipulation, our services help clients drive positive brand experiences, protect the reputation and get advocated based-on the most innovative Social Listening & Social Influencer platforms in Vietnam.







What makes YouNet AM unique

How do we define our services

Powered by YouNet Group’s MarTech ecosystem, YouNet AM is proud to be the only agency in Vietnam that owns data technology with well-known products.

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Why YouNet AM

Inspired by actionable data and insight from SocialHeat & SociaLift

We were born to bring clients an innovative communication solution to get over the new gaps in the digital age.

Social Crisis Management

Crisis management protocol with real-time strategy, Squad Team 24/7 providing.

Reputation Management

Brand health evaluation with industry’s benchmark. Provide total reputation strategy.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer recommendation with deep-dive analytics and full booking services. With our data-driven proposal, say goodbye and be worry-free of fake followers and unqualified influencers.

Advocacy Marketing

Provide advocacy strategy to have brand’s problem-solving communications. With thousands (Up to 20k) of Mega-to-Micro influencers, groups/communities, citizens can get involved.



Traveloka Vietnam

Acecook Vietnam

Meet our Team of passionate specialists

Hoa Nguyen

CEO & Co-Founder

Mr Hoa is YouNet Group’s CEO & Founder. YouNet AM was found in 2018 to be the leading advocacy marketing agency powered by social technology.

Linh Dang

Vice Director & Co-Founder

Linh is in charge of YouNet AM’s business strategy & operations. He’s also the Product Owner of SociaLift and SocialHeat.

Nam Nguyen

Head of Content Creative

Nam believes understanding customer needs is the key to success. He’s here to make you fall in love with his best solutions.

Minh Linh

Sr. Advocacy Strategy Consultant

Recognized by her concrete knowledge and practical experience that successfully implemented in many projects.

Thao Vu

Senior Account Executive

Opportunites don’t just happen, I create them with my passion and enthusiasm. Because after all, the only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Minh Nguyen

Senior Account Executive

Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground. Feel free to gaze at the stars and let me craft your creative idea realistically.

Hang Nguyen

Content Creative Supervisor

A self-motivated, technically oriented person with a positive attitude constantly pursue excellence and passion in writing. 

Ngoc Nguyen

Advocacy Strategy Consultant

Since bonding with YouNet AM, she was spirited to challenging herself for innovation in each project.

Loan Nguyen

Content Creative Executive

An ambitious and analytical thinking girl with a passion for social media marketing.

Y Le

Content Creative Executive

Writing is my passion. I want to make ordinary things the most perfect through the pen.

Lien Pham

Account Executive

Always improve & upgrade to be the best version of myself, I never stop until I can reach highest purpose.

Tram Nguyen

Account Executive

I’m full of positive energy and able to catch up with people’s idea quickly. Feel free to share all your concerns cause I’m here to embrace the challenges.

Vi Nguyen

Content Creative Executive

I am a little fish enjoying my swimmingly job. A little bit weird but trustworthy.

Vy Nguyen

Content Creative Executive

My personal slogan is “Facing challenges with belief strength”, I believe I will get over any challenge with a positive attitude & optimistic spirit.

Trinh Dinh

Content Creative Executive

Maybe the reason why I jumped into Content Marketing is ambiguous but my goal orientation in the future for this position is obvious.

Anh Vu

Content Creative Executive

Just go, you will arrive. Just write, it will be Content. Just sell, it will be Content Marketing.

Quynh Ha

Sales Admin

I always believe that small effort is better than doing nothing

Linh Lam

HR supervisor

A passionate and dedicated individual with a business-driven and people-focused mindset, aiming for contributing her values in operational efficiency.

Uyen Vu

HR Executive

Every day I give a chance to create meaningful and lasting relationships, learn new things, live with my passions, and solve complex problems that impact people’s lives.

Cam Phan

General Accountant

 To me, facing challenges and pressure in work is a chance to break the limit and discover my potential.

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