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Advocacy Marketing

A total modern communication solution to manage public relation

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Acecook is a leading manufacturer of foodstuffs
in Vietnam whose management capacity
is commensurate with globalization

Campaign Duration

since 2018


Acecook Vietnam


Food & Beverage

The Challenge

Social Media is the most influential information channel to Vietnamese consumers nowadays, but its controlversial of fake news is still a BIG CHALLENGE for any F&B brands.

The Approach

By deep-dive social listening and analytics, YouNet AM proposed a very new way of approaching the audience by the way they want to see. We’ve been connecting hundreds of KOls, Bloggers and Communities in this Campaign.

“We’ve seen that only dealing with fake news just by official information channels as traditional PR would do is never enough. So we co-operate with YouNet to find out the most suitable communication solution that save our cost and bring the real effective”

PR Team
Acecook Vietnam


After launch, the campaign generated atleast 20,000 organic mentions/month of deep-dive discussions followed the campaign’s objective.

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