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Traveloka Hotel Booking

To Maximize the product’s mentions all over Social Media

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Traveloka is a leading Southeast Asia online travel company that provides a wide range of travel needs in one platform, enabling customers to create moments together with their loved ones.


Aug, 2019


Traveloka Hotel Booking



The Challenge

Although traveling is not a hard-to-find influencer category, but it’s one of the most entangled category for influencer marketing. Fake followers and in-relevant content became popular pain points for brands.

The Approach

No one but YouNet AM provides customers a data-based proposal and insight-based approach that came from both Social Listening & SociaLift. We know raising new faces, exclude the fakes one and provides the best approach.

“We’re just so tired of tracking every faces withour any clear proof of faking followers, and we want to work only with the best content creators out there”

Product Marketing Team
Traveloka Vietnam


The campaign generated over 3,000 brand mentions within 4-weeks. Make it the most effervescent summer of traveloka hotel booking ever since.

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